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Go out last night? Chances are you brought home some food with you and they are sitting in the fridge right now, and all you want to do is, get up shov it in the microwave and chow down.

You should know that there are some foods that actually turn poisonous when reheated.

Keep on reading to find out the food you’re better off eat cold to avoid nasty side effects…

  1. MUSHROOM: whether they’re in a soup or stare fried, reheating mushrooms in a microwave or on a stove is a big NO-NO, well.. they may not look that different after you reheat them, but their composition of protein changes in the microwave, they can also take on a slightly different taste after been reheated.

This change in composition can cause you to have an upset stomach plus they can also loose their health benefits.

2. EGGS: eggs are packed with protein, but this changes when reheated, and this can be harmful to your digestive system, in fact egg can become toxic when exposed to a microwave heat, if the egg was fried for example, I can say you won’t have a problem reheating it, but speaking of omelet and boiled eggs, reheating them can be poisonous to your system, and on top of that, reheated eggs can taste robbery and bland.

3. RICE: a bowl of leftover rice seems harmless right? (WRONG)!! Eating reheated rice can make you really sick, but it depends more on how it was prepared in the first place, if the rice wasn’t properly washer before been cooked, it could contain spores of bacteria, and even after the rice is been cooked, the bacteria remains because boiling water won’t kill it, and after the rice cools down to a room temperature, the bacteria can multiply, and reheating it just keeps the bacteria alive, if you dear to eat a rice like that, you are at the risk of having a vomiting and diarrhea that could last for 4 to 5 hours.

4. BREAST MILK OR FORMULA: Hey moms and dads, well, you could sometimes reheat a regular milk but breast milk should be kept out of the microwave, many mums like to bump breast milk and store it in the freezer, which can be a total life saver on trips or if you are leaving the baby with a baby sitter, however when it’s time to reheat the breast milk, you should never heat it in the microwave because the uneven distribution of heat can create hot spots in the milk which can seriously burn the poor baby who drinks it, additionally carcinogens can also rear their ugly heads when you reheat breast milk in a plastic bottle or container, according to the FDA first, you should thaw the milk or formula in a cold water, then you can reheat it in a pot over the stove.

5. CHICKEN AND PROCESSED MEAT: just like mushrooms, reheating chicken can change the protein compound of the meat and make you really sick, unlike other meats like beef, chicken contains a high level of protein which makes reheating it in a microwave a bad idea, if you really have to reheat it, you can set your microwave on a low heat, and just leave it a little longer than you would other meats, or better still you it it cooked, a cooked chicken is a good chicken, meanwhile chicken is not the only meat that presents a danger to your health when reheated in the microwave, processed meats contains chemicals and preservatives to make it last longer on the supermarket shelves, when you reheat this meats they can experience chemical changes like “oxidized cholesterol” so if you are not sure if the meat you are eating is processed its better you eat it cold the next day, or you could chop it up and eat it with a raw salad, (your body will thank you).

6. POTATOES: ever bring home some left over fries from a night out, you may want to eat it nice or cold, Thant’s because reheating potatoes can be toxic, similar to rice, it’s all about what you do with them once their cooked, if you put potato inside the fridge immediately after cooking it, it’s probably safe to reheat, but if you keep it at a room temperature for awhile after its prepared, their more likely to develop a rear bacteria known as BATUNISM, this bacterias can multiply if left out at a room temperature for too long, so unless you put the potatoes directly into the fridge in an airtight container after cooking them, you better not reheat them.

7. CELERY, SPINACH AND BEETS: wow! Sounds like a law firm lol.. this veges are the most anti junk food ever, and besides that, they all have a high concentration of Nitrate, nitrates aren’t that big of a deal right? Well they are if you are intending to reheat any food that contains them.

Along with every other foods that are not good in the microwave, anything with sharp edges, like toothpicks should also be excluded from the microwave because it can strike a fire in the microwave, and note that any thing metallic is a big NO-NO for microwave, seriously, don’t try it.

It’s good to have you here today..

So have you eaten any food from the microwave and got into trouble with your stomach? Share it with us in the comments.



Vlogging is kind of a YouTube culture and it’s actually expanding beyond YouTube, poeple in general are now vlogging to connect with their audience, vlogging is an important part of businesses now adayz it allows you to step into your world and give your audience a kind of behind the scenes look at your life.

Not everyone is going to be vlogging everyday cos it’s a lot of work, unless you are a specific daily vlogger,

With that been said, let’s now see some of the tools you need.

You need of cause a Camera, a microphone and a tripod, then you are good to vlog lol..

If you just want to connect with poeple, talk to them about something, you don’t need an expensive camera, however you will want to upgrade as you go deeper into it, which is cool , but what you want to do is you want to use a camera that is perfect for your location, if you are vlogging in water park, in the rain, in the snow or whatever it is, you have to use a waterproof camera, there are a lot of pocket size cameras out there that you don’t even need to attach a microphone on it, and it will still give you a better audio.

SHOOTING: this is the fun part of it, going on adventures, capturing every moment, but there is a lot more to shooting than just going out and going for it, shooting every little thing about your day, let me tell you the little truth about vlogging, “nobody cares about your day” pro bloggers are not follow me and see what I do types, it’s another thing if poeple already know you, they like what you do and they just want to see every part of it, but if you are still new trying to get people to like and follow you? Then you have to do more than just showing your face on the camera cos it’s going to be really BORING, trust me…

To make your vlog look interesting even to a first timer, you will have to shoot it like some sort of story, meaning you have to shoot it as if it’s a film, and you knw in movies we have the beginning, the middle and the end…

Make it as captivating as it could ever be, engage with your audience, make direct eye contact with the camera, just make sure you get their attention for the few minutes that their going to be watching your vlog.

Another key thing is “don’t be afraid” sometimes you are in a public place and you need to vlog, normally you will have some feeling that might want to hold you back but don’t give in to it, thanks to social media people now know who vloggers are, though there are some places that you will go and cameras are not allowed, if maybe in any occasion someone walks up to you and tells you to put the camera down, it’s ok, put it down, but don’t ever be afraid to put the camera up and do what you love doing (vlogging).

Your opinions counts, let me know your own thoughts about this in the comment section below.

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